It is difficult to create happiness and calmness in the world of work where diffidence, fears,  frustration  and absurd dominate over people, but some unique characters are over it. And that people makes your life easier, they are beyond price. What a pity that sometimes u can’t stop them to leave.

leaving by martushka


6 Replies to “Leaving”

  1. who else is leaving?? I like the pic, you look like an Indian girl :)

    1. :) Who is that lovely Indian girl?! :)

  2. Marta that is so amazing, as I said the other day you are one of the most amazing people i have had the privilige to meet. you should believe in yourself more because you are a very good and honest person. I will miss working with you. Take care, but I will see you soon .

    1. I feel ambarrassed, I’m a wolf in sheepskin… or maybe the other way round… :)))

    2. woman!!!

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