Incomplete English breakfast by Martushka’s son


You need

1 can of baked beans
eggs how much you like
bacon (we’re using Polish bacon)
butter for toast
spices (salt, pepper and herbs if you like)

products for breakfast by martushka

Slice the bacon thinly and fry on the pan untill sizzling.

bacon by martushka

Meanwhile heat the beans.

beans by martushka

When the bacon is sizzling, add the eggs and fry on low heat.

bacon and eggs by martushka

Cover the pan with a lid so that the whites cover the yolks.

covered fry up by martushka

This is about time to make your toast.

ready fry up by martushka

And the breakfast is ready!

incomplete English breakfast by martushka

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3 Replies to “Incomplete English breakfast by Martushka’s son”

  1. Why incomplete??? Looks lovely to me and more than enough!!! I remember when you cooked this breakfast for me!! Lovely!!!! hmmmm!! getting hungry…!!! :)))

    1. incomplete because full English breakfast should consists eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, mushrooms, baked beans, hask browns and half a tomato. :)

    2. hahaha, ok! got it!!

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