Tiramisu by Martushka’s husband


You need

4 medium eggs
4 tbsp caster sugar
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
2x250g (8½ oz, 2 boxes) Mascarpone cheese (Mascarpone from Asda and Morrisons are the best for this)
250ml (9fl oz) cold strong black coffee, espresso
50g rum
200g (7oz, 1 box) sponge fingers
unsweetened cocoa powder

items for tiramisu by martushka

Beat the egg whites until stiff.

egg whites by martushka

Beat the egg yolks with sugar and vanilla, add mascarpone until thick and creamy. Next add the beaten egg whites and gently mix.

cream by martushka

Use sponge fingers to line a serving dish.

sponge fingers by martushka

Mix the cold coffee with rum in a shallow bowl. Pour half of it over the sponge fingers.

pour by martushka

Pour half of Mascarpone cream into the dish.

almost ready by martuska

Sprinkle the cream with cocoa powder.

cocoa powder by martushka

Dip the rest of the sponge fingers in the liquid, soaking both sides and arrange on top.

I can't wait by martushka

Pour in the remaining half of the cream and smooth the surface.  Sprinkle with cocoa powder using a small sieve. Put it to the fridge for a few hours. :)

Tiramisu ready to go to the fridge by martushka

…and now you can savour :)

tiramisu on the plate by martushka


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  1. Hmmmm!!! One of my favourites…!!!

    1. How can I keep myself on a diet? :( :)

    2. Well…keep slurping Yerba Mate :)

    3. It looks like Yerba mate starts to be a solution to everything. Slurp addiction :)

    4. hahahha!! Works for me! Today a drink a lot in the morning and really helped me to be very concentrated studying and make teh most of the studying time :)

    5. A great drink throughout the busy day. I can’t imagine starting a day without Yerba :)

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