Uszka – oosh-ka


Because I am pressed for time, I have to start to make some dishes for Christmas eve and freeze them… So today I will make Polish uszka – dumplings or I should  rather say ravioli . On Christmas Eve I will serve them with barszcz czerwony – borscht (beetroot soup). The recipe was given to me by my father.

Items for making  pastry:

2 glasses (320g) or more of  white flour
1  yolk
hot water

items for pastry by martushka

Items for filling:

20g or 40g (more or less if you like) dried porcini mushrooms
onion if you like
salt, pepper

items for filling uszka by martushka

Soak dried porcini mushroom overnight in cooled boiled water, it makes them softer.

soaking mushrooms by martushka

The next day boil them till soft in the same water, when cooled off cut them into fine pieces.
Squeeze the sauerkraut out with your hands but do not squeeze all the moisture out, then chop finely.
Fry the sauerkraut, onion,  mushrooms and  season with salt and pepper.

fried sauerkraut by martushka

Pour flour out onto a pastry board, add some salt and the boiling water a littel at a time and use a palate knife to mix it in until a dough starts to appear, add yolk and knead dough.

kneading dough by martushka

Roll up the dough…

roll up by martushka

…and cut it into squares.

cut into squares by martushka

Topp the pastry with filling.

fill in pastry by martushka

Coat the edges of the pastry with water and seal the pastry.

seal pastries by martushka

Uszka are ready :)

uszka by martushka

It looks like they are too big :)

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  1. wow martushka! you are well organized!! already cooking for xmas!! well done :)))

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