Go Frugo

From a certain time you can buy Frugo in selected TESCO stores in Edinburgh. Frugo was a cult fruit drink in the ’90s in Poland. The brand was reincarnated after a decade taken off the market. Get seduced!

frugo by martushka

Pandas in Edinburgh

Yesterday two pandas, Tian Tian (“sweetie”) and Yang Guang (“sunshine”),  arrived to Edinburgh Zoo from China. The pandas’ new home cost £250,000. “Officials hope their presence will boost tourism and the Scottish economy. The Scottish government said the loan of the pandas symbolised a “growing friendship” between Scotland and China.” …”Edinburgh Zoo, which is run by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, is to pay $1m (£600,000) to the Chinese authorities each year for the pandas, which are due to stay at the zoo for at least 10 years.” BBC NEWS

Locals have got different opinions about it :)

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