Hungarian gulyás – goulash

1,5 kg beef
4 big onions
1 canned tomatoes or 3-4 tomatoes
3 big potatoes
6 pepper (red, yellow, green)
1/2 tbsp (or more) caraway
1/2 (or more) tbsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tbsp (or more) sweet pepper
1/2 tsp chilli

items for Hungarian goulash

Dice the beef, onions and pepper.

choped onion and pepper

Fry the beef for 5-10 minutes, add onions and fry for another 5 minutes. Then add canned tomatoes and diced pepper.

fry, fry, fry

Season and make it spicy. Fill the pot with water, so that it covers the ingredients. Cook for about 1 hour till the beef  is soft.

in the pot

At the end dice the potatoes and add to goulash, cook till soft.

add potatoes

Items for drop dumplings:

1 egg
2-3 tbsp water

Add 2-3 tbsp of water to the eggs and add enough flour to the dough, so that the consistency is such that the dough does not drip off the spoon, just stretches and tears. When the dough is ready,  take a teaspoon and using the tip, scoop up small quantities of dough and place them gently into the goulash.

drop dumplings

Boil the goulash for another 5 minutes.

Hungarian goulash

Now you can savour the taste and have fun on :)

Tatiana is making shooba

At the begining of this year I mentioned Ukrainian shooba. And today my friend Tatiana agreed to make it for me. And helped me write this post :)

herring fillets in oil
onion finely chopped
big potatoes

Chop onions finely. Boil whole potatoes, beets and carrots – don’t overcook. When cooked, remove from boiling water and let cool to room temperature.

items for shooba

Dice the herring and place in the bottom of a plate or dish.

first layer - herring

Spread onion over the herring.

second layer - onion

Spread mayonnaise evenly over the onions.

third layer - mayonnaise

Using a grater, shred the potatoes evenly over the mayonnaise.

fourth layer - potatoes

Spread mayonnaise evenly over the potatoes.

fifth layer - mayonnaise

Then grate the carrots evenly over the mayonnaise.

sixth layer - carrot

Spread mayonnaise evenly over the carrots.

seventh layer - mayonnaise

Using the same grater, shred the beets evenly over the mayonnaise and spread the mayonnaise over the top.

eighth layer - beets and mayonnaise

Shooba is ready :)


Thank you, Tatiana, it was delicious! :)

let's make more shooba

Carrot cake

The best carrot cake I ate in Starbucks in Edinburgh. Let’s try to make it :)

Stir together in a large bowl:

250g all-purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp kosher (sea) salt
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp allspice

Sift together flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg and allspice by martushka

Combine and beat for about a minute:

300g golden caster sugar
300ml (1/2 pint) corn oil
3 eggs
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

combine brown sugar and oil by martushka

add the eggs and vanilla by martushka

wet mixture by martushka

Combine the wet mixture with the dry stuff. Mix until batter is smooth.

the wet mixture with the dry stuff by martushka


140g chopped almonds or walnuts

chopped almonds by martushka

150g shredded carrot

shredded carrot by martushka

Pour batter into a baking pan.

batter in a baking pan by martushka

Preheat the oven to 180°C, 350°F.
Bake for 55 to 60 minutes or until a toothpick stuck in the center comes out clean. Allow the cake to cool completely.

hot carrot cake by martushka

Make the frosting by mixing:
230g (8 oz) cream cheese, softened (I used Mascarpone)
1 tblsp milk
1 tsp vanilla
200g icing sugar

the frosting by martushka

When the cake has cooled cut it across.

cut in two by martushka

Place one cake, flat-side up, on a platter. Spread part of the icing over the top of the cake.

spread part of the icing by martushka

Top with the second cake, flat-side up, and spread the remaining icing over the top and sides of the cake.

carrot cake by quall

Bye bye Starbucks :)

this is the carrot cake by quall

Chocolate muffin

Makes: 18 servings.

Whisk together:

175g (6oz) self-raising flour
2½ tbsp cocoa powder
1tsp bicarbonate of soda or baking powder
150g (5oz) caster sugar

dry items by quall

In a separate bowl, whisk together:

2 eggs
150ml (¼pt) corn oil
150ml (¼pt) milk
2tsp almond extract
3 tbsp Carnation Caramel

wet items by quall

Add wet to the dry ingredients.

add wet items into dry <a href=jameshallison casino items by quall” width=”600″ height=”400″ />

Stir together until the mixture is smooth.

stiring by quall

mixture is ready by quall

Pour batter into prepared muffin cups.

into the tin by quall

Preheat the oven to 180°C, 350°F. Bake about 18 minutes.

growing bigger and bigger by quall

Coffee or tea? :)

chocolate muffin by quall

Potato pancakes

1 kg potatoes
2 onions
1 or 2 eggs
3 tbsp flour
salt and pepper

items for potato pancakes by quall

Grate the potatoes and the onions in a food processor or on a hand grater.

grate the potatoes and the onions by martushka

Add the egg and flour, then stir and season, and if the mixture is to runny then add another egg.

the egg and flour by martushka

Fry on both sides in oil.

fry on both sides in oil by martushka

You can eat them on it’s own…

potato pancakes by martushka

…or serve with cream and sugar.

potato pancakes with cream and sugar by martushka

Potato pancakes are tasty with meat and gravy, they are called Hungarian Style Potato Pancakes with Goulash.

Almond panna cotta with strawberry sauce

Ingredients for the panna cotta:

250ml (9fl oz) double cream
250ml (9fl oz) milk
4 tbsp sugar
10 drops of almond extract
9g gelatine

items for panna cotta by quall

For sauce:

fresh strawberries


strawberries by quall

Simmer together cream, milk, sugar and almond extract just before it starts to boil.

simmering by quall

Mix gelatine with 6 tbsp of cold water. Leave to soak for 10 minutes. Add it to your hot (not boiling) mixture. Stir constantly until the gelatine is completely dissolved.

add gelatine by quall

Pour mixture into glasses. Then cool and store in the fridge until set (it will take about 1 hour).

into glasses by quall

Blend strawberries until smooth.

blend strawberries by quall

Spoon over the sauce.

strawberry sauce by quall

Delicious Italian cooking!

panna cotta by martushka by quall


Spanakopita is one of the best delicacies which you can taste in Greece.

1 kg (2 lbs) of fresh spinach
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
6 spring onions
2 eggs
200g (7 oz) feta cheese
250g (8,8 oz) ricotta cheese
1 tbsp fresh dill
1 tbsp fresh parsley
12 sheets of filo pastry
1 pinch of nutmeg
some olive oil
salt and pepper

Clean spinach well in cold water. Drain and roughly chop, then place it in a steamer.

spinach by quall

Steam for 10 minutes or until the leaves are soft. Squeeze out the excess water from the spinach.

steam by quall

Fry chopped onion and spring onions.

onion and spring onions by quall

Add the garlic.

add the garlic by quall

Add 2 eggs and crumble the feta cheese into the bowl with spinach.

feta cheese by quall

Add the onion and spring onions, herbs and nutmeg.

onion and spring onions, herbs and nutmeg by quall

Add ricotta cheese and season with salt and pepper if you like.

ricotta cheese by quall

Spread half of the filo pastry into an oiled baking form. Spread out some oil in between the sheets.

filo pastry by quall

Make sure you spread some oil in between the sheets.

filo pastry by quall

Place the filling in the middle of the baking tray and spread it out.

place the filling by quall

Now cover the filling with the remaining sheets.

cover by filo pastry by quall

Fold the ends of the upper sheets with the ends of the lower sheets so the filling is enclosed.

cover the filling by quall

Preheat the oven to 350F (or 180C). Bake for about 25 minutes.

after 25 minutes by quall

spanakopita for six by quall

Of course it doesn’t taste like that one eaten on the streets of Athens. Or maybe it does but the scenery is not the same ;)

spanakopita by quall

So remember if you are in Greece you have to taste spanakopita!

Martushka’s mom cheesecake

My favourite cake :)

1 kg (35 oz) cottage cheese
6 eggs
330g (11,6 oz) icing sugar
250g (8,8 0z)  margarine
16g (o,56 oz) vanilla sugar
2 heaped tbsp potato starch

items for baking a cheesecake by quall

Beat the egg whites to a light froth.

egg whites by quall

Grind cottage cheese, until smooth.

cottage cheese by quall

Beat the egg yolks with icing sugar and vanilla sugar, add margarine and make this creamy.

margarine by quall

Next add the cottage cheese…

add cottage cheese by quall

…and flour then mix it well.

mix by quall

Finally add the beaten eggs’ whites and gently mix.

add the beaten egg whites by quall

You can add some raisins if you like.

raisins by quall

Preheat the oven to 180°C, 356F.

in a cake tin by quall

Bake the cake for 50-55 minutes.

cheesecake is ready by quall

Sprinkle cake with icing sugar.

sprinkle cake with icing sugar by quall

That cheesecake is lovely warm but it’s even better the following day.

cheesecake on the plate by quall

Chicken and leek pie

4 chicken breasts
ham (how much you like)
bacon (how much you like)
3 leeks
4 big potatoes
150ml (5fl oz) white wine
150ml (5fl oz) chicken stock
1 tbsp crème fraîche
300g puff pastry sheet
olive oil
salt and pepper

Fry chopped chicken, ham and bacon.

fried chicken by martushka

ham and bacon by martushka

…chop the leek and fry for few minutes

leek by martushka

…stir the chicken, ham and bacon into the leeks and season.

leek on the frying pan by martushka

Add crème fraîche, wine and chicken stock and stir, then cook for few minutes. Season again if needed.

with wine and creme by martushka

Chop potatoes and cook them for 5 minutes.

potatoes by martushka

Spoon into a baking dish.

layers by martushka

potatoes on the top by martushka

Slap the pastry on the dish, press down edges, trim any excess. Brush pastry with beaten egg or milk.

under the sheet by martushka

Preheat the oven to 200C ( 392 F), and bake for 30 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.

hot leek pie by martushka

Bon appetit :)

hungry for leek pie by quall


My Ukrainian friend Michail always has got a lot of interesting bottles of wine from all over the world. Last night he served Tsinandali 2009 white dry wine. And it is the first wine I realy like. It online casinos is produced in Kakheti in Georgia, from white-grapes (85% Rkatsiteli, 15% Mtsvane). Tsinandali is IWSC (International Wine&Spirit Competition) bronze medal winner in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2009 – Gold. Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2008 – Silver. That wine is very nice with chicken, salads and fish.

tsinandali by martushka