This morning I recived a big box from Natalya! She made me a present – box full of Yerba Mate!

present by martushka

I don’t know from witch one I should start :)))
Thank you Natalya! :)


It is difficult to create happiness and calmness in the world of work where diffidence, fears,  frustration  and absurd dominate over people, but some unique characters are over it. And that people makes your life easier, they are beyond price. What a pity that sometimes u can’t stop them to leave.

leaving by martushka

Christmas gifts

Martushka”s friend Natalya has got a good idea:  Why not this year to order our Christmas gifts from small businesses? The neighbor who sells by catalog, the artisan who makes jewelry, friends who”s selling on the web. We make our Die Umsatzbedingungen sind dabei als fair und gut zu bezeichnen, denn bei allen Aktionen wird Roulette mit immerhin 20 Prozent angerechnet, was uber dem Durchschnitt der online Casino s liegt. money to go to people like us and not to a large international. So most people will have a good Christmas!


Writing blog I expose myself to my deepest fear of using English. I risk, maybe fail but not die.  So now fear has less power. Soon I will be free. My husband is source of inspiration, continued support The game itself has changed very little over the years, but a few huge wins at the gaming tables really made playing roulette a special pleasure. and encouragement in that process. He is not for sale.

school of english