yerba mate


Martushka is testing new yerba mate Rosamonte Premium from Argentina. At this moment she”s a big fan of Canarias yerba mate. She doesn”t like Taragui (I will not buy it any more).  So to sum up: Martushka is losing weight, she”s bursting with energy, bubbling with optimism and creativity, looks like allergy symptoms such as a runny or stuffy nose, itchy, watery eyes and sneezing  is gone, and Martushka reduce daily intake of steroids for asthma…

I”m very glad that I start to drink yerba mate.

rosamonte by martushka

The fifth day of drinking

The fifth day of drinking Yerba and I can tell that it really works. I don’t feel tired during the day, I’m more open for people, optimistic, my allergy to dust has been reduced, and finaly I’v been  sleeping soundly all night long. Maybe it’s just coincidence or the power of suggestion. Unfortunately  contact with dogs still made me rash :(

yerba set by martushka


Starting day with Yerba… I don’t need coffee any more :)

Yesterday my friend discovered  shop on Leven Street, Edinburgh LupePintos. They sell Mexican food, American, Indian, Thai, Indonesian and other bits. So I bought Taragui Yerba Mate from Argentina :)


I am drinking Canarias Yerba Mate from Brazil now… it is so nice…. It works for me so far. So maybe it may work for others.


That is my Yerba mate set:  Jamie Oliver porcelain Mug, Ikea pot for water and bombilla made in Argentina :)


The idea of drinking Yerba mate came from desire of owning a dog. Naively thinking that it helps reduce my allergy for dog saliva.

Fresh start with Yerba Mate

My first lesson about Yerba mate – Do Not drink it after 5pm. The second – be prepared for the keen mind and orginal ideas like for instance buying a new domain :)

That is how was born.

After a quick search I found a tea/coffee room called The Institute in Marchmont, Edinburgh where you can drink Yerba mate. Fantastic place. Minimalistic but very welcoming. There are only two but very original photographs on the walls.  The owners are photographer  Gavin Evans and circus performer Kamikaze. I will definitely come back there for more…

yerba mate, the institute

Walking on Marchmond streets my friend and I enjoyed the windows decorations