Go Frugo

From a certain time you can buy Frugo in selected TESCO stores in Edinburgh. Frugo was a cult fruit drink in the ’90s in Poland. The brand was reincarnated after a decade taken off the market. Get seduced!

frugo by martushka

Incomplete English breakfast by Martushka’s son

You need

1 can of baked beans
eggs how much you like
bacon (we’re using Polish bacon)
butter for toast
spices (salt, pepper and herbs if you like)

products for breakfast by martushka

Slice the bacon thinly and fry on the pan untill sizzling.

bacon by martushka

Meanwhile heat the beans.

beans by martushka

When the bacon is sizzling, add the eggs and fry on low heat.

bacon and eggs by martushka

Cover the pan with a lid so that the whites cover the yolks.

covered fry up by martushka

This is about time to make your toast.

ready fry up by martushka

And the breakfast is ready!

incomplete English breakfast by martushka


The wind is quite horrendous today. So for your safety and comfort stay at home, please… and eat popcorn :)

popcorn by martushka

Tiramisu by Martushka’s husband

You need

4 medium eggs
4 tbsp caster sugar
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
2x250g (8½ oz, 2 boxes) Mascarpone cheese (Mascarpone from Asda and Morrisons are the best for this)
250ml (9fl oz) cold strong black coffee, espresso
50g rum
200g (7oz, 1 box) sponge fingers
unsweetened cocoa powder

items for tiramisu by martushka

Beat the egg whites until stiff.

egg whites by martushka

Beat the egg yolks with sugar and vanilla, add mascarpone until thick and creamy. Next add the beaten egg whites and gently mix.

cream by martushka

Use sponge fingers to line a serving dish.

sponge fingers by martushka

Mix the cold coffee with rum in a shallow bowl. Pour half of it over the sponge fingers.

pour by martushka

Pour half of Mascarpone cream into the dish.

almost ready by martuska

Sprinkle the cream with cocoa powder.

cocoa powder by martushka

Dip the rest of the sponge fingers in the liquid, soaking both sides and arrange on top.

I can't wait by martushka

Pour in the remaining half of the cream and smooth the surface.  Sprinkle with cocoa powder using a small sieve. Put it to the fridge for a few hours. :)

Tiramisu ready to go to the fridge by martushka

…and now you can savour :)

tiramisu on the plate by martushka

Santa Claus

If you are a happy child who was being well behaved all year long you shoud find a nice present under your pillow this morning… if not it means you’v been very bad or you are not a child any more :)

gifts by martushka

Pandas in Edinburgh

Yesterday two pandas, Tian Tian (“sweetie”) and Yang Guang (“sunshine”),  arrived to Edinburgh Zoo from China. The pandas’ new home cost £250,000. “Officials hope their presence will boost tourism and the Scottish economy. The Scottish government said the loan of the pandas symbolised a “growing friendship” between Scotland and China.” …”Edinburgh Zoo, which is run by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, is to pay $1m (£600,000) to the Chinese authorities each year for the pandas, which are due to stay at the zoo for at least 10 years.” BBC NEWS

Locals have got different opinions about it :)

fb discussion by martushka


Today Martushka recommend

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25 miles from Edinburgh

It was a nice day for a trip. Target – Seacliff beach. 

Passing by the Longniddry Bents, East Lothian.  It was only 5 C, and very windy :) You can find people there who love kite surfing.

catch the wind by martushka

snap the wind by martushka

Nearly there

welcome by martushka

On the way to the beach we passed large herd of horses :)

horse by martushka

Seacliff beach, what can I say…

Seacliff Beach and Bass Rock by martushka

Have you seen the ghost in Tantallon castle? :)

the spirit of the Tantallon castle by martushka

gruesome Tantallon castle by martushka

Seacliff Harbour is described as the smallest harbour in the British Isles.

view from the smallest harbour by martushka

Scotland's smallest harbour by martushka

road to nowhere by martushka

the house with the view by martushka

Being a few times on the Seacliff beach I saw people practising coasteering. They have been climbing onto rocks and jumping into tight water holes. This looks very frightening!

jump into a hole by martushka

Seacliff beach is the most impresive beach in Scotland and my favourite!

Martushka’s apple cake

It’s dead easy :)

175g (6oz) self-raising flour
160g (5oz) or more if you like :) golden caster sugar (or white sugar)
3 tbsp milk
1tsp baking powder
4 eggs
200g margarine or butter
2tsp vanilla sugar
2 or 3 big, sour apples (I mostly like Bramley Apples), or if you like you can use plums instead of apples

Beat the egg whites to a light froth. Beat the egg yolks with sugar and vanilla, add margarine and make this creamy. Next add flour, baking powder and milk then mix it well. Finally add the beaten egss whites and gently mix.  Cut the peeled apples into quarters and then eighths. Lay the apple slices on the batter so they just cover the batter

Preheat the oven to 170°C, 338F. Bake the cake for 50-55 minutes.

items for baking a cake by martushka

egg whaits by martushka

batter by martushka

waiting for apples by martushka

is the oven ready? by martushka

let me cool off by martushka