One day my Romanian friend was describing one of Romanian delicacy’s. It is called zacusca, a vegetable spread made from roasted aubergine, roasted red peppers, tomatos and chopped onion. A few days later I found it in one of the shops on Leith Walk in Edinburgh. So I bought it and spread it on a bread like she said. I loved it from the first bite. Few months later she brought a jar from Romania, made by her mother- in- law, it was fantastic. So zacusca is nice with bread, pasta, crackers, the list could be endless… and today I tryed it with baguette pizza – beautiful :)

zacusca by martushka

Martushka’s husband fryed mushrooms with onion, added salt and pepper

fried mushrooms by martushka

He cut the baguette into long slices, put fried mushrooms and cheese on top

ready to go to the oven by martushka

He preheated the oven to 180°C, 356F. Put it in for about 10 minutes.

hot baguette pizza by martushka

Usually he’s serving it with tomato sauce but today we spreaded zacusca on the top

baguette pizza with zacusca by martushka

It was a good choice!

Go Frugo

From a certain time you can buy Frugo in selected TESCO stores in Edinburgh. Frugo was a cult fruit drink in the ’90s in Poland. The brand was reincarnated after a decade taken off the market. Get seduced!

frugo by martushka

Pandas in Edinburgh

Yesterday two pandas, Tian Tian (“sweetie”) and Yang Guang (“sunshine”),  arrived to Edinburgh Zoo from China. The pandas’ new home cost £250,000. “Officials hope their presence will boost tourism and the Scottish economy. The Scottish government said the loan of the pandas symbolised a “growing friendship” between Scotland and China.” …”Edinburgh Zoo, which is run by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, is to pay $1m (£600,000) to the Chinese authorities each year for the pandas, which are due to stay at the zoo for at least 10 years.” BBC NEWS

Locals have got different opinions about it :)

fb discussion by martushka


Today Martushka recommend

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Starting day with Yerba… I don’t need coffee any more :)

Yesterday my friend discovered  shop on Leven Street, Edinburgh LupePintos. They sell Mexican food, American, Indian, Thai, Indonesian and other bits. So I bought Taragui Yerba Mate from Argentina :)


I am drinking Canarias Yerba Mate from Brazil now… it is so nice…. It works for me so far. So maybe it may work for others.


That is my Yerba mate set:  Jamie Oliver porcelain Mug, Ikea pot for water and bombilla made in Argentina :)


The idea of drinking Yerba mate came from desire of owning a dog. Naively thinking that it helps reduce my allergy for dog saliva.

Fresh start with Yerba Mate

My first lesson about Yerba mate – Do Not drink it after 5pm. The second – be prepared for the keen mind and orginal ideas like for instance buying a new domain :)

That is how martushka.com was born.

After a quick search I found a tea/coffee room called The Institute in Marchmont, Edinburgh where you can drink Yerba mate. Fantastic place. Minimalistic but very welcoming. There are only two but very original photographs on the walls.  The owners are photographer  Gavin Evans and circus performer Kamikaze. I will definitely come back there for more…

yerba mate, the institute

Walking on Marchmond streets my friend and I enjoyed the windows decorations