Ukrainian shooba

Tatiana is making shooba

At the begining of this year I mentioned Ukrainian shooba. And today my friend Tatiana agreed to make it for me. And helped me write this post :)

herring fillets in oil
onion finely chopped
big potatoes

Chop onions finely. Boil whole potatoes, beets and carrots – don’t overcook. When cooked, remove from boiling water and let cool to room temperature.

items for shooba

Dice the herring and place in the bottom of a plate or dish.

first layer - herring

Spread onion over the herring.

second layer - onion

Spread mayonnaise evenly over the onions.

third layer - mayonnaise

Using a grater, shred the potatoes evenly over the mayonnaise.

fourth layer - potatoes

Spread mayonnaise evenly over the potatoes.

fifth layer - mayonnaise

Then grate the carrots evenly over the mayonnaise.

sixth layer - carrot

Spread mayonnaise evenly over the carrots.

seventh layer - mayonnaise

Using the same grater, shred the beets evenly over the mayonnaise and spread the mayonnaise over the top.

eighth layer - beets and mayonnaise

Shooba is ready :)


Thank you, Tatiana, it was delicious! :)

let's make more shooba

Ukrainian “szuba” – shooba

Last night my friends from Ukraine impressed me with “szuba” (shooba) – “herring under a fur coat” :) and karp which they made for New Year. Tatiana and Michail made everything like Tatiana’s mother has been doing over the years. It was so delicious…
They used salted herring, onion, boiled carrots, potatoes, beets and mayonnaise. A lot of work!

shooba by martushka

shooba by martushka

shooba disappears quickly by martushka

The karp was equally good as shooba…:)

karp by martushka

The karp was filled with grated carrot…

karp with carrot filling by martushka

A feast to the eyes, and the delights of the palate! Thank you guys! :)